Rose: Alright, everybody, now shut the hell up! I’m in charge. From now on, everybody listens to me.

Dudebro: Why should we listen to you?

Rose: I am the most decorated pioneer scout in the history of northern Minnosota. I can build a 100 foot rope bridge, start a fire with rocks, distil sea water into drinking water. If you want to get out of this alive, listen to me. Any objections?

Dudebro: No.

Rose: I didn’t think so.

Dudebro: It was our superior sailing skill that saved your lives.

Dorothy: Hanging onto the mast screaming, “Please, God, take the old ladies, but don’t hurt us.” That does not qualify as skill.

Blanche: You almost killed us, you nitwits! I hate you! I curse the day I ever laid eyes on you. I curse the day your momma laid eyes on your daddy, and the day he laid down with her.

Dudebro: So, how have you ladies been enjoying your vacation?

Dorothy: As a child during the Depression, I had to have my wisdom teeth extracted by a shoemaker. That was more fun than this.

Dudebro: Ladies, I hate to disturb you, but we would like to buy you a drink.

Blanche: Why, thank you!

Dorothy: Blanche!

Blanche: I’m sorry. It was a reflex reaction. No, thank you and goodbye.

Blanche: That meal was disgusting.

Rose: What do you girls want to do now?

Dorothy: Let’s draw cards for the rest of the Pepto-Bismol.

Rose: You… you.. you rude person!

Dorothy: Go easy on him, Lola.

Dorothy: Blanche, what is all that stuff?

Blanche: Just my natural beauty supplements. This is my apricot facial scrub and my honey skin toner.

Dorothy: If I put cracked ice and an umbrella on your head, you’d be a mai tai.

Sophia: This has been a great day, Toshiro. Driving your Lawn-Boy was so exciting.

Dorothy: In here it says that every room has an ocean view. Now where is ours?

Hotel Manager: Give me it. Come here, kiddo. Here, over here. Stick your head out of the window. Look to the extreme left and what do you see?

Rose: Two guys beating up an old lady.

Hotel Manager: Beyond that.

Rose: The ocean.

Hotel Manager: Ta da! I rest my case.